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About Davis and Davis Gourmet Foods

A passion for everything culinary is the driving force behind Davis & Davis Gourmet Foods. Creating the flavors of the past for today’s Family to enjoy is our mission.

Ken Davis was born in Illinois, graduated from Fisher High School. After graduating from Illinois State University with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Business he began a career in the Toy Industry. Who knew that working and traveling to Europe and Asia over the next 16 years would be the jumping point to create Davis & Davis Gourmet Foods.

Ken left the corporate world in 1999. He took a few years to decide what he wanted to do with his life. To pass the time he started making Jam’s, but not just any jams. He created the taste and texture of old fashioned jams that he recalled from his childhood. With most things Ken does he doesn’t know when to stop. He made so much jam that he started giving it away to friends and family. Then they passed on the jams to their friends and family members and soon the phone was ringing asking where to buy his Jams.

Chuck Graf was born in Pennsylvania and graduated from Shaler Area High School. He attended Penn State where he received a degree in Computer Science and the University of Pittsburgh where he received a degree in Information Sciences. Chuck’s main focus is the operational aspect and of course our chief taster.

In 2001, we started selling our products at local Farmer Markets in Pittsburgh, PA. From there we immediately jumped into the local Art and Craft festivals. From the very first day there was tremendous response to our products. We were and continue to be honored by the loyal following of Davis & Davis Gourmet Foods.

Over the years our product offering has grown to include Mustards, Relishes, Dipper mixes, and Gift Items. With new items and categories in development, we are committed to bring to you our Old Fashioned Homemade Goodness for many years to come.

We hope you enjoy!

Chuck & Ken